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BOES Fitness Gloves - Deluxe
NEW! BOES Fitness Gear!
Fitness gloves with added wrist support....

CAD $17.50

BOES Floor Mat 10 x 5 feet
High quality folding floor mat.
Premium double density...

CAD $329.00

BOES Gym Bag - Large
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Gym bag is specifically...

CAD $79.00

BOES Gym Bag - Small
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Gym bag is the...

CAD $39.00

BOES Lifting Straps - cotton
NEW! BOES Fitness Gear!
1.5 inches wide.

CAD $7.50

BOES Lifting Straps - padded
1.5 inches wide.
Neoprene padding with 100% cotton straps.

CAD $7.50

BOES Plastic Skipping Rope
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Speed rope is lightweight...

CAD $5.00

BOES Tricep Strap
Hand grips padded for comfort.
Nylon construction.
Use this instead...

CAD $12.50

BOES Wrist Wraps
3 inches wide.
Soft, but string elastic.
Touch and secure...

CAD $8.50

Elevation Training Mask
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Elevation training mask mimics...

CAD $89.99

Kettlebell - 5kg.
Used to perform exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility...

CAD $34.99

Muay Thai Boxing Liniment or Cream
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Cream: $10 each ...

CAD $5.00

ODOR AID Disinfectant and Deodorizer
Disinfectant and deodorizer.
Kills bacteria and germs that cause odors...

CAD $7.99

Power Bead Skip Rope
Heavyweight beaded rope for a total workout!
9 foot length....

CAD $19.50

Push-Up Wheel
Double wheel construction for increased stability and maneuverability.

CAD $15.00

Puzzle Mats
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Popular mats for home...

CAD $26.99

Weighted Vest
Weighted vest for weight loss, fitness, and MMA training....

CAD $159.99