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BOES 16 oz. Training Gloves
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Leather training glove great...

CAD $79.00

BOES Curved Focus Pads
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Slip on style hand...

CAD $69.00

BOES Deluxe Leather Sparring Gloves
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An excellent sparring glove...

CAD $99.00

BOES Muay Thai Shorts - Black
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New design! ...

CAD $32.00

BOES Super Bag Gloves
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A premium training glove...

CAD $75.00

BOES Children's Boxeo Bag Gloves
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Affordable training glove JUST...

CAD $29.00

BOES Cloth Martial Arts Shin-Instep
Knitted surgical elastic covers.
Machine washable.


CAD $19.00

BOES Handwraps - Yellow 4 metre Stretch
"Mexican-style" elastic, stretchable cotton/nylon blend, 4 metres.
Thumb loops...

CAD $7.99

BOES Muay Thai Pads - heavyweight
View larger image velcro ...

CAD $149.00

BOES Plastic Skipping Rope
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Speed rope is lightweight...

CAD $5.00

Ring to Cage 12 oz. Super Bag Gloves
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GelTech Super Bag Gloves combine...

CAD $64.99

Ring to Cage Handwraps - Stretch 180"
Stretchable green 180".
"Mexican-style" elastic, stretchable cotton/nylon blend.
Extra long...

CAD $7.95

Ring to Cage Kids Gloves
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Affordable training glove JUST FOR...

CAD $24.95

Ring to Cage MMA Fight Gloves
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4 oz. cowhide leather...

CAD $45.99